The Protoblast team are a third-generation family business and we help you save money through offering superior products that are built to last and perform with maximum effect. We pride ourselves in the reliability and durability of all our products, thus reducing the repair and maintenance costs in the operational lifespan of our machinery. That’s what we call The Protoblast Advantage.

In this blog, we share the 10 ways Protoblast can save you money.

The 10 Ways Protobast Can Save You Money:

  1. Custom design for your specific product and your need to provide the best ROI.
    See our Case Study to learn more.
  2. Down time costs money and the Protoblast system minimizes down time.
  3. You want to build as much of the blast facility as possible – no problem, we can help with that to save you money.
  4. Design – build – install – commission, all in the one spot for a total end-to-end service. No extra fees or third parties.
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  5. Low speed abrasive recovery for minimal wear and lower power consumption.
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  6. Equipment built to last. Protoblast equipment is still in use today after 40+ years of service paying back every day.
  7. Get the most out of your abrasive. The Protoblast system will help you get the most uses out of each grain of abrasive.
    See our OnGas Case Study to learn more.
  8. Australian made and owned providing fantastic after sales service and backup support.
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  9. Protoblast Wheel machines provide great efficiency for many customers where the product to be blasted is of a relatively consistent size and shape.
  10. Is space an issue? No problem, our flexible designs can ensure we will make it fit.

So, want to find out how the Protoblast could reduce your total blasting costs?

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