This was another successful installation of a Protoblast Section Blast. This was installed at an engineering company in Sydney for blasting sectional steel used for fire stairs prior to fabrication. The customer did his research and look at all the options and came back to the Protoblast system as they were the most reliable and simplest to operate. This is a standard 6 wheeled Section Blast Machine, using the open wheel method and a simple roller conveyor to feed the sections through the blast zone. It has an blast envelope of 350mm x 1000mm and can obtain a 2.5 class of blast at a rate of 1.5m/minute.

Protoblast also supplied a dry filter fume extraction wall and extra conveyor so products that didn’t require fabrication could be kept on the conveyor and sprayed with a coating without the need of extra handling.

At Protoblast we specialise in providing the customer with a system that is exactly what they want for their production capability, availiable space, surface preparation standards, etc.

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