This Maxi-Build Blast Chamber was recently built for an old customer of Protoblast. They were moving premises and were going to relocate their existing chamber but the buyers of the property requested that it become part of the sale. So to put it the customers words “going with Protoblast was a no brainer, as the old blast chamber is still going strong after more than 20 years with no issues”. Again the saying goes “if something isn’t broken don’t fix it” the customer requested the same system as previous and we did just that but with a few more modern parts and features here and there. This chamber is an above ground full recovery system which uses two main Oscillating Conveyors which feed the abrasive to the cross conveyor and into the Bucket Elevator with the Abrasive Classifier.

We can guarantee that this customer will still be just as happy in another 20 years. So contact us now for a complimentary proposal either call on 02 4677 2320 or email to