Saunders International are a long standing customer of Protoblast having purchased an Automatic Vertical Plate Blast Machine from Protoblast in 1995 and a small Sandblasting Cabinet in 1998. Recent purchases they made in the way of new production equipment meant that they were operating much more efficiently than 20 years ago but the Blast Machine was the next bottle neck in their production as it couldn’t keep up with the rest of the factory. As they had dealt with Protoblast over the last decade they knew that Protoblast would be able to provide them with another machine that would meet the new expectation and much more. So Protoblast worked on a much more efficient and powerful alternative and came up with a design that would be very similar to the existing so that there wasn’t any need to modify existing infrastructure (and if the design has worked flawlessly for 20 years why change it too much). The new machine uses the more powerful Closed Wheel type blast wheels and now the bottle neck has been completely eliminated as it is operating at 5 times the original speed with the capacity to increase this.

As the existing machine was still operational it was removed and sent to a sister company of Saunders where it can be operated for another decade or more.