Tyree Transformers in Braemar NSW used the abrasive blasting/ sand blasting technique to prepare the external and internal surfaces of their power transformers before coating. They had been out-sourcing most of the blasting and doing what they could in a small shed with no abrasive recovery. Due to growing demand for their products an expansion was needed and a space set aside for a proper blasting facility. They installed a Protoblast Mega-Build Style blast chamber with a partial recovery system and now have brought what was once an inefficient part of the process in-house. This means they have full control over lead times and quality and have enjoyed a reduction in cost. The Blast Chamber was situated in the main work shop so the noise levels were an issue so a sound deadening product was applied to the external surfaces of the panels which had amazing results.

The Abrasive Recovery system installed consisted of an Oscillating Conveyor through the middle of the room to the Elevator/Abrasive Classifier. It was also fitted with the Protoblast Eco-Controller for ease of operating and to further reduce running costs.

In all it was another very successful Protoblast installation with the customer saving money day after day.