Our customer, Paul at JPAK Steel Blast & Paint was offered a project that was out of their current scope, but it was something Paul was very interested in completing. The main challenge was Paul had to be ready to paint and blast within 8 weeks.

Paul contacted us, we went through his options with the main emphasis being that he was new to the industry and with the tight timeline he couldn’t let his customer down.


The solution was it would be quicker for the customer to source the booth locally out of insulation paneling. We would then manufacture the Dust Collector and all associated equipment ourselves to then deliver and install.


The customer required a Blast Chamber suited to blasting fabricated structural steel within the space available, this called for a booth with a large side opening door. Protoblast proposed a number of designs and layouts to ensure that the Dust Collector and Ventilation System would work seamlessly. The size of the booth required a 28,000cfm Dust Collector and the blasting would be done using a 6.5cu.ft Blast Pot.

“Extensive knowledge, quick delivery and overall exceeded my expectations” 

JPAK Steel Blast & Paint

Delivery & Install in challenging times:

When the order was placed the pandemic wasn’t hindering any movement of people but within a couple of weeks most of the country had shut large parts of NSW out including Picton. 

The next challenge was some of the suppliers to Protoblast were working with reduced staff or were not classified as essential, so we had to find alternatives or make in-house. The next hurdle to overcome was the delivery and installation part as it was to be installed in South Australia. This challenge was duly overcome and was delivered and installed on time.


The end result was a locally made product designed, manufactured, delivered and installed within a very tight timeline. The best result of all, a very happy customer who was appreciative of the professionalism and support provided by Protoblast in such challenging times! Our customer Paul called us a week later to say “ I am impressed with your extensive knowledge, quick delivery and overall Protoblast exceeded my expectations”. 

Final Result:


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