As we approach the final days of the year, Protoblast expresses profound gratitude to all individuals who have been integral to our journey in the past months. The collective efforts of our dedicated team and the support of our valued customers have made this year truly remarkable. Thanks to their unwavering commitment, Protoblast successfully delivered cutting-edge systems across Australia.

With immense satisfaction, we unveil a high-level overview of our accomplishments throughout the nation this year. We take pride in the trust bestowed upon us and the collaborative spirit that fueled our shared success. Our relentless pursuit of enhancing efficiency has played a pivotal role in simplifying and elevating your operational experiences, contributing to a more manageable and productive year for all.

Protoblast takes immense pride in showcasing the enhanced efficiency achieved by these five companies for this year.

Sulzer’s endured confidence in Protoblast

Sulzer is a long-standing partner of Protoblast, as they upgraded their blast chamber for enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With the replacement of the abrasive recovery system and the installation of a modern dust collector, Sulzer experienced a significant improvement in operation. The upgraded system not only addressed maintenance concerns but also resulted in substantial savings, with Sulzer reporting a 30-40% reduction in abrasive costs. Sulzer’s success story underscores the trust clients place in Protoblast for innovative and impactful solutions.

Protoblast delivered Tefol’s needs right on schedule

In September, Tefol approached Protoblast with an urgent requirement for a blast chamber installation before the year’s end. Despite the busy schedule, Protoblast successfully ramped up production to accommodate this ambitious deadline. The installation team is currently adding the final touches, showcasing the advantages of dealing directly with the manufacturer, which ensures customer flexibility and confidence in the process.

FWR attains cost-effective success

This year Protoblast seamlessly facilitated the installation of a spacious blast booth for a truck trailer manufacturer. Through Protoblast’s detailed drawings, the customer independently manufactured the booth, yielding substantial savings in both time and expenses. Protoblast’s pivotal contribution included the supply and installation of the dust collector and abrasive recovery system.

Protoblast aids Janbay in igniting operational efficiency

Janbay, a unique case for Protoblast in the residential construction sector, overcame supply challenges and demand for quick turnarounds by choosing the renowned Protoblast Section Blast Machine. This strategic decision enabled Janbay to efficiently process bulk steel sections, apply blast and paint treatments, and maintain a readily available stock for same-day delivery to Sydney metro. This highlights Protoblast’s ongoing commitment to supporting manufacturers like Janbay in achieving excellence in their markets.

Moduplay achieved control through their collaboration with Protoblast

Moduplay, a family-run enterprise dominating the playground equipment manufacturing and supply sector, faced a bottleneck in outsourcing the blasting and painting of their steel products due to their steady growth. In response to spatial constraints, Protoblast proposed the use of a 20′ shipping container-style blast chamber. This strategic move has empowered Moduplay with complete oversight of the entire process, ensuring control over quality and lead times from start to finish.

Reflecting on the year brings a sense of satisfaction as we approach its conclusion. Protoblast stands by you, acknowledging both your triumphs and challenges throughout the year. What matters most is the resilience and strength we’ve gained from each experience. Wishing you a well-deserved rest during the holidays, and may the coming year, 2024, be filled with prosperity!