A Blast Chamber is a vital part of the industrial coatings industry, in the work necessary to bring raw-off-the-mill and fabricated steel to a suitably clean finish, ready to receive a protective coating. In most instances, a “profile’ is imparted to the surface to provide a “key” so that the paint film will bond well.

This blog highlights our free and downloadable guide on the Important things you should know when building a Blast Chamber.

Don’t build a rig, plan a system

These words, by American blast equipment consultant A.B. Williams are so true:- “Blast Chambers more than any other piece of equipment tend to be built as a rig with little or no design input other than perhaps having seen someone else’s “rig” or from some vague photograph in a sales brochure”. “Often with just a little fore-knowledge a chamber can change from an inefficient rig to an effective asset”.

With this in mind, the downloadable guide has been written, and to be used as a guide. There are many important aspects which are too difficult to cover, for instance, the type and capability of dust collector fans.

This downloadable guide covers the following topics:

  • Blast Hopper Package
  • The Blast Chamber
  • Dust Collection
  • Abrasive Elevating & Separating Units
  • Underfloor Recovery Systems
  • Compressor & Air Supply Equipment
  • Abrasives

Download Guide Here

Free download to see our guide on the important things you should know when building a Blast Chamber