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 Market Leading Blast Chambers, Dust Extractors and Abrasive Equipment

Protoblast has been manufacturing abrasive blasting equipment for over 40 years. We provide market leading products including Blast Chambers, Abrasive Recover Systems & Dust Extractors, and Abrasive Classifiers (see more below)

How We Can Help You:

Whether you are looking for:

A new facility

Improvements to your current equipment

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Protoblast has the skills and experience and is trusted by the world’s largest companies. From a dust extractor to be fitted through to an existing shed to get you started or full turnkey blast room set-up through to a custom built wheel machine, we have the products to provide you with a first class abrasive blasting facility. And last but not least they are built right here in Australia!

Who We Work With:

Protoblast has supplied abrasive blasting equipment (or sand blasting equipment as it is often referred to) to a varied cross section of industries and Australia’s leading companies including:

Need assistance in finding the right solution for your specific needs?

Blast Chambers

  • Maxi-Build for extra heavy duty applications
  • Mega-Build is a flexible lighter system
  • Portable is a complete, contained system for smaller applications

Abrasive Blast Wheel Machines

  • Flexible design to suit wide range of materials
  • Highly efficient blasting suitable for high volumes of work requiring a consistent finish.
  • Pipes | Structural Steel | Plate | Scaffolding | Gas Cylinders | Drums

Abrasive Recovery Systems

  • Continuous oscillating conveyor systems for maximum efficiency and lower running costs
  • Batch recovery systems using flexible configurations of oscillating conveyor systems
  • Manual recovery system for smaller and portable chambers

Airstream Abrasive Classifier

  • The unique Protoblast Airstream Abrasive Classifier more effectively separates dust and fines from used abrasive.
  • Increases blasting efficiency | Extends abrasive life | Reduces blasting costs

Dry Dust Extractors

  • Highly effective cartridge or bag type filters using reverse pulse cleaning.

Second-Hand Equipment

  • We offer second-hand Protoblast machines, that have been totally refurbished and  modified to suit the current market.
  • Take a look at what we have for sale and have recently sold!

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Our Blast Chambers Deliver A Better Return On Investment

To find out more about our range of Blast Chambers, start with the Mega-Build.