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The Protoblast Advantage

A better return on investment. Find out how the Protoblast Advantage could reduce your total blasting costs.

Lower Operating Costs

A number of Protoblast customers have achieved greater than a 50% cost saving compared to a the running costs of a Pneumatic Abrasive Recovery System.

Superior Abrasive Recycling Technology

Abrasive Recovery Systems™ Highly effective and efficient oscillating conveyor recovery systems that minimises energy requirements.
Airstream Abrasive Classifier™ Unique air classification system that doubles the usable life of abrasives like garnet and steel shot.

Custom Engineered Total Abrasive Blasting Solution

We provide a unique total blasting solution specific to each customers requirements that delivers superior operational efficiency.

End-to End| Design | Build | Commission | Maintain

From the largest automated plants through to small portable blast chambers we have the in-house expertise and capabilities to provide a better single source abrasive blasting solution.

Superior Reliability

Protoblast engineering and design coupled with the unique abrasive recovery technology significantly improves abrasive blasting plant reliability. Plant repair and maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Superior Durability

Protoblast abrasive blasting plants are engineered to last. The better build quality provided by our in-house engineers stand up to the rigors of the industrial environment delivering extended operational life.

We’ve Been Designing and Building For Over 40 Years

Protoblast was established in 1975 and is a wholly Australian owned company.

Over the past 40 years Protoblast has been designing and building a full range of abrasive blast equipment, and while having its own standard products, has an emphasis on specialised machines, cabinets and chambers designed to suit particular requirements. 

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Client Testimonials

“Good efficient system and extremely fast service, thanks from Roadmaster “

Torsten, Roadmaster

“Your backup and support is also a great asset. After sales care and spare parts is essential to our business and you haven’t failed in that area either.”

Josh Cameron

“We have dealt with Protoblast for many years and have always found them absolutely flexible in every way to our requirements. Absolutely customer focused and a pleasure to deal with.”

Glenn Wibberley

Our Clients

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Protoblast have developed superior Abrasive Recycling Technology that significantly reduces abrasive blasting plant operating costs.