We specialize in engineering custom abrasive blasting solutions that are specifically designed to meet your unique requirements.


At Protoblast, we are driven by a shared passion for excellence and innovation in the field of abrasive blasting. We believe that blasting should be more than just a process; it should be an opportunity to take control and achieve exceptional results.

Take Control of Your Quality

Take Control of Your Lead Time

Take Control of Your Cost

We are more than just a manufacturer; we are your partner on the journey to blasting success.


We’ve Been Designing and Building For Over 40 Years

Out Last | Out Perform

Protoblast is a leading Australian manufacturer of abrasive blasting plant and equipment, providing superior solutions to surface preparation industry for more than 40 years. Our in-house custom designed and built abrasive blasting systems are tailored to your individual needs to provide the most operationally efficient solution for your business. Our unique technology is designed to improve reliability to deliver lower operating costs, longer operating life and a better return on investment.

End to End Engineered Blasting Systems

Our end to end solution starts with customer consultation, the design, through the engineering process, the manufacturing, the installation, and the ongoing service and support needed for the life of the product.

Continuous Oscillating Conveyor Systems

Protoblast have built a Continuous Oscillating Conveyor Systems with design flexibility with multiple configurations available. It is low maintenance, has lower power requirements, is self-cleaning, and eliminates downtime caused by blockages.

History of a Trusted Business

Protoblast started in 1975 by John Gillies. He bought the Blast section of the PGH business and it continues to operate under the Protoblast name to this day.

Customer Service

Protoblast offers first-rate customer services, backup and maintenance. Australian-made, locally built, keeping Australian manufacturing going. 

Client Testimonials

“Good efficient system and extremely fast service, thanks from Roadmaster “




Torsten, Roadmaster

“Your backup and support is also a great asset. After sales care and spare parts is essential to our business and you haven’t failed in that area either.”

Josh Cameron

“We have dealt with Protoblast for many years and have always found them absolutely flexible in every way to our requirements. Absolutely customer focused and a pleasure to deal with.”

Glenn Wibberley

“This is the bee knees, it works day in day out and other than the normal stuff we have to replace, in the 15 years we have had it we have never had a major issue”

Mike, Mobile Welding

We strongly recommend Protoblast and their engineered blast systems. They are technically very proficient and deliver on what they say they will deliver. No issue or system is too big or small for them and we plan to use Protoblast again in the near future

James Dunn, Expressway Spares

Experience The Protoblast Advantage

Protoblast have developed superior Abrasive Recycling Technology that significantly reduces abrasive blasting plant operating costs.