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Recently we worked with a client in central NSW who had a blast chamber with a small dust collector and a very basic abrasive recovery system. They contacted us because they wanted to run more efficiently and save on consumption and labour.  

The Challenges Faced:

  • Client was having to shovel the abrasive into a hopper
  • The abrasive wasn’t being efficiently cleaned
  • The dust collector was a different size to the blast chamber
  • Client wanted to try and reduce abrasive consumption and labour

The Outcomes Achieved:

Our team took on board the challenges the client was facing and supplied a partial recovery system that was to be fitted to a new blast chamber, which the customer had built himself. The system consisted of a conveyor which ran across the rear wall into a new bucket elevator with a Protoblast Abrasive Classifier. This outcome consisted of:

  • The use of a blade on the forklift to push the abrasive into the conveyor system and then be cleaned properly in the classifier. So, the client doesn’t have to shovel the abrasive himself anymore.
  • The new dust collector is now sized correctly to the blast chamber meaning the operator has clear visibility while blasting.

Since upgrading his abrasive blasting facility, the client has noticed a big saving in both abrasive consumption and labour. This was to the tune of 7.5hrs per week in labour and he reduced his abrasive consumption by almost 1,000kg/month (working on 6hrs average of blasting per day).

A great outcome for a great client.

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