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Effective dust control improves the performance of blast chambers

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Effective dust control improves the performance of blast chambers

Protoblast has been building dust control solutions for the abrasive blasting industry for over 40 years.

Designed to remove dust from the air, a dust collector is a critical part of any blasting and extraction system and its impact is often overlooked.

Having been building abrasive blasting equipment for over 40 years, we wanted to share with you 6 major points that will produce the best returns for your business (and mistakes to avoid that we continue to see made in the industry):

  1. Safety with the most effective velocity
  2. Reduce blockage with correct pressure
  3. Fan design is critical
  4. Filter ratio to maximise lifespan
  5. Reduce maintenance with higher filter area
  6. Lower energy costs with variable speed drive

Read our full blog to find out more about the specifications you need to know.

Highly effective and efficient dust collector


How It Works

  • Can be designed to fit any space requirements.
  • Use highly efficient filter cartridge and dry bag type filtration units that will capture the finest dust particles.
  • Reverse Pulse filter cleaning is used to extend the effective working life of both filter systems

Benefits of the Dry Dust Collector

  • Filters 99.99% of all particles above 1 micron in size.
  • Longer filter life, lower maintenance costs.
  • Longer operating life.
  • Meets all environmental and regulatory standards

Need help finding the right dust extraction system for your needs?

The Protoblast Horizontal Cartridge Dust Collector 

The Horizontal Cartridge Dust Collector was developed to over come the issue of having to enter the dust collector body to change the filters. There was many options evaluated but the final decision was a dust collector with the filter cartridges positioned horizontally supported by a frame on which the filter slides.

Protoblast uses and intelligent Pulse Controller which measures the resistance that the cartridges are producing and only pulses when it is needed. This saves on compressed air consumption which also saves money.


Increase The Efficiency Of Your Blasting Operations

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