Why Protoblast?

Custom built total blasting solutions. Deliver a better return on investment.

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The Protoblast Advantage

Protoblast have developed superior Abrasive Recycling Technology that significantly reduces abrasive blasting plant operating costs.

Protoblast’s unique Airstream Abrasive Classifier effectively doubles the usable life of commonly used abrasives to deliver very big savings on blasting consumables.

Protoblast’s Abrasive Recovery Systems collects far more abrasive from the chamber and uses far less energy than conventional pneumatic recovery systems.

Find out more about how the Protoblast Advantage will give you a better return on your investment.

Custom Design and Build

Protoblast have 30+ years of experience in building, installing and maintaining all types of abrasive blasting plants.

All Protoblast abrasive blasting installations have been custom designed and built to individual customer specifications.

Protoblast have developed a comprehensive planning process to ensure that your new abrasive blasting plant will operate effectively from day 1 to deliver your business a better return on investment.

Learn more about our End-to-End Custom Design and Build process.

Why Choose Protoblast? 

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Protoblast Could Save Your Business $100,000s Each Year

Find out how The Protoblast Advantage could reduce your total blasting costs