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Second-hand opportunities often present themselves and here is where we list them 

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At Protoblast, we have sold many second-hand sandblasting units over the years. We are constantly looking for more used equipment to sell to our clients, however we find that blasting systems and equipment are usually installed for decades.

This is why we have created this list of second hand equipment available for you to purchase through us. We try to update it as often as possible, so keep checking to see if there are any additional products that might take your fancy. 


Here is where we list the current second-hand products we have available for sale, check them out below and contact our team if you’re interested.


Used Equipment For Sale:

1. Large Full Floor Recovery Blast Chamber

For Sale is a Second Hand Full Floor Recovery Blast Chamber.

The machine is built in panels that can unbolted and loaded very effectively onto a few trucks with the following key features:

  • 7m wide x 6m high and 28m long with extra heavy duty grating allowing for 8T forklifts to drive through
  • 32,000cfm Dust collector and a complete Protoblast Full Floor Abrasive Recovery System

For more details contact Ben on 0427 497 186


SOLD: Full Recovery Blast Chamber

Protoblast Full Recovery Blast Chamber above ground.

This chamber is 22 years old but in good working order as it has been kept well maintained.

  • It has internal dimensions of 4.1m wide x 4.5m high x 9m long with rail system for work trolley and grating throughout.
  • It uses the Protoblast Oscillating Conveyor/ Bucket Elevator System with a dry filter dust collector that is only 10 years old.
Used Sandblasting Equipment For Sale

SOLD: Section Blast Machine

Pre-fabrication Blast Machine for sectional steel.

Was built in 1998 for a structural steel manufacturer who decommissioned it in 2013.

Protoblast has completely refurbished this machine and modified it to suit the current market.

  • It has an opening of 350mm wide x 1200mm tall
  • Will blast structural sections to a class 1.5 blast at a rate of 1.5 – 2.0 m/min

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