Abrasive Cleaning Comparison

The Pros and Cons 

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We often are asked, ‘Why do you prefer the Bucket Elevator and Abrasive Classifier over the pneumatic suction and cyclonic cleaning system?’

At Protoblast we have experience in both systems and have successfully built many over the years, so we are best positioned to give comparisons. Below we will briefly outline the pros and cons of the two systems.

Bucket Elevator/Abrasive Classifier System


tickVery quiet operation.

tickLow power consumption 1.1kw motor drawing 2.5amps (on a 3-phase motor).

tickCan handle very high volumes of abrasive (up to 4,000kg/hour).

tickHighly adjustable classifier means the operator can remove just the right amount of dust and fine abrasive to suit.

tickThe spent abrasive is clearly separated into 3 parts. Reusable abrasive, fines and dust.

tickVery low wear due to the low speed and the cleaning is done while the abrasive is falling under gravity.

tickCan be designed to discharge at any height.


Needs to be positioned in a pit for a floor level recovery.

Pneumatic/Cyclonic Abrasive Cleaning System


tickOften a cheaper initial cost.

tickCan mount directly to a blast pot, acting as an extra storage capacity.

tickDoes not necessarily require excavation, or at least minimal.


Noisy, due to high pressure fan.

High power consumption from running high pressure fan for suction.

High wear due to the reclaimed abrasive traveling at high speed.

Cannot cope with sudden high volumes of abrasive.

High wear on suction pipes and hoses, especially where there is elbows and bends.

Very minimal adjustment in the way of the amount of dust removed.

Not very effective at removing fines at high volumes.

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