Maxi-Build Blast Chambers

Large chambers for big jobs

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Ideal for very large sections and high volumes of work.

The Maxi-Build chamber has no size restrictions.

Protoblast customers include large engineering firms, ship builders and train refurbishers that require the space and infrastructure to handle high volumes of large structures.

Maxi-Build Chambers are often coupled with Continuous Abrasive Recovery and Rail Systems.

Features and benefits:

  • Extra heavy duty build.
  • Built to last 10+ years of full time operation
  • Built with 5mm plate walls with extra bracing for strength and durability
  • Heavy duty swing doors or bi-fold doors on roller bearings.
  • With low bay LED lighting that provides exceptional visibility and reduces energy costs


Want A Blast Chamber Built Specifically For Your Needs?

Our custom process offers end-to-end design, build, commission and maintenance.