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What is abrasive Blasting?

Abrasive blasting, in a nutshell, is the use of abrasive media such as Garnet & Steel Grit, propelled at high speed to clean or prepare a surface for either inspection or a coating. The abrasive is usually propelled by compressed air but in the case of a Wheel Machine, it is propelled by the centrifugal force of a spinning wheel.

What businesses benefit from using abrasive blasting equipment?

The most common reason for the need to abrasive blast a surface is to prepare the surface for a coating. Most paint companies, when providing warranties, require the surface to be prepared to a certain specification, which is obtained by abrasive blasting. So, the main benefits are the ability to provide your customer with the paint warranty and also a higher quality product.

Who should use a blast chamber?

This is a good question as many companies outsource their blasting to blasting and painting companies. Of course, this is viable up to a certain point and then after that it’s more efficient to bring it in-house. Where that point is, is different for each company and is sometimes hard to determine. What experience has taught us here at Protoblast, is that one of the main issues with outsourcing is customers not having any control over lead-times. Bringing this process in-house gives the company ultimate control from start to finish. Also, we have found that what you spend on outsourcing blasting and the cost of the logistics is almost equal. So, if you were spending $50,000.00 per month on blasting, the logistics for that would be very close to $50,000.00 per month.

Is a blasting room different to a blast chamber?

No. They can be called Blast Chambers, Blast Booths, Blast Cabinets, Blast Room, Blast Sheds etc. It all means the same, we’ll know what you are talking about.

What are your dust control solutions?

This is a very important question as dust collection or dust control is extremely important when abrasive blasting, as a large amount of dust is generated by this process. Protoblast dust collectors have been designed and built specifically for the abrasive blasting industry and the harsh environment that they are required to operate in. The standard filters we use have a filtration efficiency of MERV 10 as per ASHRAE 52.2-2007. The filters are positioned horizontally for ease of removal and better cleaning. Protoblast Dust Collectors are fitted with reverse pulse systems that measure the restriction across the filters and send pulses of compressed air in the reverse direction through the filters dislodging dust and prolonging filter life. Our dust collectors are sized to the individual blast chamber to ensure adequate ventilation whilst remaining efficient as the dust collector fan is typically the biggest user of power in the abrasive blasting system. We highly recommend using a variable speed drive (VSD) to run large dust collector fans as these provide great power savings and are better for motor life.

Do your abrasive wheel machines remove rust?

Yes, and extremely efficiently. The Protoblast wheel machine is very efficient for removing rust from the surface of steel. Wheel machines are built specifically for your need, so get in touch with us to see how we can help you to prepare the surface on your product.

How would Abrasive cleaning help me?

It will help your profitability which is very important to most businesses. Abrasive is the most important part of abrasive blasting and is a large part of the cost, so any savings in the consumption of abrasive will directly affect your bottom line. We often get customers saying, “oh yes I recycle my abrasive, I shovel it back in the blast pot and get another couple of uses out of it”. This is ok but we know that putting used abrasive back in the blast system will cause excess dust and extensive wear on the valves and nozzle. Dust and fines not only wear out valves and nozzles but also use a lot more energy from the compressed air and decrease efficiency greatly. So, unless you are only blasting a very small amount, recycling your abrasive through a suitable abrasive cleaning system, like the Protoblast Abrasive Classifier, is a no brainer.

What does your Dust Collector System do?

Click here to download a pdf that explains the advantages of the Protoblast dust collector.

Can I purchase a used sandblaster?

Yes, we have sold many second hand units over the years. We are constantly looking for more available equipment but usually blasting systems and equipment are installed for decades.

What is a sandblaster used for?

A sandblaster can mean many things, but typically a sandblaster is used for cleaning and preparing a surface for a coating or inspection.

What are your finance options?

Customers often ask if we can provide finance. Unfortunately, we are not a bank, but we have helped many customers find a suitable finance provider who we are confident will provide a great service.

What sort of training and after sales support is offered?

We at Protoblast are well known for our after sales support and customer orientated service. The great advantage of the Protoblast system is that it is made locally so we keep all spare parts in stock. Perhaps the best testament to the level of commitment to the after sales service and support is the fact we have machines that are 30+ years old that are still in service.

Do you have any Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) for the equipment?

Yes, as with all equipment that is considered a high-risk operation, it’s necessary to provide a SOP with the equipment.

How far do you travel?

Most of our customers are in Australia and New Zealand and we are committed to serving customers no matter where the location. We have also supplied and installed in Papua New Guinea, UAE, Indonesia and USA, with these distances being no problem.

Do you charge travel fees or any other fees?

We charge travel time for service work, but we provide free consultation visits in the sales process

How does Protoblast save me time and money?

The Protoblast Advantage is that our systems are efficient and user friendly, which will provide significant cost and time savings. See our Case Studies or give us a call and we will show you how we can help save money in your business.

Key information about our business profile and operations

Our History

  • Founded in 1975 by John Gillies
  • 40+ years of technology development & refinement
  • Continuous innovative in chamber productivity
  • Today we are the leading manufacturer

Our Promise

  • To provide a superior total abrasive blasting solution
  • To manage and control every step of the process in-house
  • To provide an abrasive blasting plant that delivers a

Our Clients

We have completed successful projects for many large organisations where we design and manufacture custom engineered Abrasive Blasting Plant & Equipment. We provide a total end-to-end abrasive blasting solution that is customised to meet client specifications.

Our Team

Protoblast was founded in 1975 by John Gillies who developed the Airstream Abrasive Classifier and the Oscillating Conveyor Abrasive Recovery Systems. We are a third generation family business of engineers with over a 100 years of combined industry experience.

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