Protoblast Airless Blasting Machines have significantly improved the efficiency and profitability of business across a number of industries and a variety of products including :

  • Gas Bottles
  • Screws
  • Concrete Blocks
  • Truck and Trailer Chassis
  • Surfboards
  • Water Skis
  • Structural Steel

When the product to be blasted is a relatively constant size and shape. Protoblast delivers 6 times the output of a conventional machine using a single operator.

For cost fabrication blasting, structural steel can be pushed through a bespoke Protoblast Chamber at an incredible 4 m2 / min

Our Airless Blasting solution is the product of 50 years experience and can be applied across flat or curved surfaces. Our design and engineering team will tailor a solution for you increase your production and reduce your costs. Call us to find out how we will add $$$ to your bottom line
Protoblast has been designing and manufacturing abrasive blasting equipment for 50+ years and have been very successful in designing airless blast machines for customers that have product that is of relatively constant size and shape.

One of the most common is for structural steel manufactures with the pre-fab blast machines being very efficient in blasting sectional steel prior to fabrication. This machine has the ability to produce 6 times the blasted area of a single person using conventional air blast in a chamber our post fabrication blast has an even greater output with the capacity to blast at least 4 m2 / min of structural steel.

Protoblast has also designed and manufactured plate blast machines for flat or curved plates.

Protoblast has designed and manufactured airless blast machines for a large variety of products such as Gas bottles, screws, concrete blocks, truck trailer chassis, surfboards, water skis and many more.


So if you are wanting to see how much you can increase production while decreasing cost give Protoblast a call today on 02 46772320 or email