At Protoblast, we don’t just sell products; we deliver life-changing experiences. There’s nothing more inspiring than hearing how our customers have achieved outstanding results using our abrasive blasting equipment. 


We’re thrilled to share this amazing testimonial from one of our valued clients, MMC, who experienced a game-changing transformation with our abrasive blasting equipment!


“Choosing Protoblast for our abrasive blasting equipment was one of the best decisions we made, thanks to a strong recommendation from others. Although we were blasting prior to the installation, it was without abrasive recovery or recycling, the garnet recovery system introduced by Protoblast has revolutionized our workflow, resulting in massive cost savings and increased efficiency compared to a non-recyclable system. The equipment’s waste reduction through recycling has far exceeded our expectations, and even though the quality of our work remained consistent, the reduction in cost and effort has been remarkable. We wholeheartedly recommend Protoblast’s abrasive blasting equipment to others in our industry due to their outstanding service, competitive pricing, honesty, and being an Australian-based company that goes the extra mile to cater to our specific needs, including supporting us from afar during commissioning. In our experience throughout the project, we found Protoblast to be refreshingly straightforward and dependable, delivering on their promises without any unnecessary fluff and continuing to offer valuable advice even beyond their initial supply, making us feel truly valued as customers.” 


This success story from one of our satisfied customers is a testament to the exceptional quality, durability, and effectiveness of our abrasive blasting equipment. We take immense pride in delivering products that consistently exceed expectations. Whether you’re involved in historical restoration, industrial surface preparation, automotive restoration, or marine maintenance, our equipment is designed to help you achieve outstanding results.


We’re not just here to sell you a product; we’re here to empower you with the confidence to Take Control of your production. 


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