Sulzer, a long-standing customer of Protoblast, has been operating a blast chamber since its initial installation in 1992. Over time, as the company continued to grow, the existing blast chamber was relocated within their facility and a pneumatic recovery system was installed in place of the original recovery system after this maintenance costs and efficiency became a concern. In this case study, we’ll delve into Sulzer’s experience with Protoblast’s blast chamber upgrade, which included the replacement of the abrasive recovery system and the dust collector, resulting in a more cost-effective and productive operation

Their blast chamber had served them well for many years, but the abrasive recovery system and the wet-type dust collector were becoming increasingly problematic. The pneumatic abrasive recovery system in use was both expensive to run and required high levels of maintenance. Additionally, the original wet-type dust collector had become challenging and costly to clean out regularly.

Sulzer’s old dust collector (on the left) and abrasive recovery system (on the right) were installed in 1992.

To address Sulzer’s concerns, Protoblast provided a comprehensive solution that included:

Replacement of the Abrasive Recovery System: During the relocation process, the existing pneumatic abrasive recovery system was replaced with a more efficient and cost-effective solution. This upgrade involved the installation of an oscillating conveyor and a bucket elevator system. These changes aimed to reduce operational costs and improve system reliability.

Installation of a New Dust Collector: The wet-type dust collector was replaced with a modern filter cartridge dust collector. The new collector offered better performance and ease of maintenance, reducing the hassle and expense associated with cleaning out the dust collector. This change was expected to result in cleaner air quality, lower environmental impact and less downtime for maintenance.

Sulzer’s new dust collector (on the left) and abrasive recovery system (on the right) were installed this year.

The upgrade project was relatively straightforward, as the necessary infrastructure, such as the pits, was already in place. Modifications were made to adapt the existing infrastructure to accommodate the new equipment seamlessly. The installation process went smoothly, and Sulzer experienced minimal disruptions to their operations during the transition.

Protoblast’s recent upgrade, which involved replacing the abrasive recovery system and installing a new dust collector, has made a substantial impact on Sulzer’s operation. According to Sulzer, “It has done everything we expected and more, we are saving 30-40% on abrasive alone. The new system is cleaning it properly compared to the old system.”

This case study serves as a testament that our clients trust our expertise which has led to continued collaborations to enhance and optimize their machinery. This ongoing journey reflects the confidence Sulzer has in Protoblast’s ability to deliver top-notch solutions that improve their operations and efficiency.